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“Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He burned his First Chance down,

Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He burned her to the ground!”

In the old town saloon

Where drifters called home,

Lived a man deemed a brute

Who was best left alone.

He’s a savage they said

Knifed a man for fun,

Then chuckled as he bled

Before the morning sun.

In his First Chance he stayed

As watchful as a hawk,

Silent ‘til his temper frayed

Seemed none could make him talk.

T’was late one evening

Ol’ Sam finally snapped,

Rowdy drunks lay bleeding

Others hopelessly trapped.

Fire took the First Chance

To her untimely death,

Where Sam did his last dance

Mad ‘til his final breath.

Buried beneath scorched bricks

Smoldering ash on the wind,

Lies the proud Mister Felix

A legacy at its end.

“Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He hacked up Mister Albright,

Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He killed him in the night!”

The Second Chance Saloon

They come to get their drink,

‘Til one fateful afternoon

Not as dead as you might think.

They hear him in the halls

His footsteps on the stair,

Haunted voices in the walls

Ephemeral in the air.

He returns in the night

To where he once stayed,

And brings Mister Albright

A death by his blade.

Could it be Sam, they wonder

Who, out of envious wrath,

Tore the new owner asunder

Sam, an undead psychopath?

There sat the new saloon

In the pit of the old,

In shadows by light of the moon

As bodies within grew cold.

From deep within, phantom spark

Fire spreads throughout her bones,

Townsfolk wake in the dark

For sins he never atones.

“Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He haunts your very soul,

Psycho Sam, psycho Sam

He makes the church bell toll!”
Typed this up for a writing contest held at the RP site I am a moderator at, Circle the Wagons;

We also have a dA page;

Psycho Sam is based on my character, Sam Felix though he can be a hot head and ill-tempered I don't think he would do something this extreme, but I had a dream about this, written in a poem style like this with the sort of creepy child's nursery rhyme tossed in just chanting in the background and thought I would give it a go. It was a lot of fun!

For those not familiar with the site, the First Chance mentioned here is the name of the saloon, Second Chance is the name of the new one after the first burned down.
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December 22, 2013


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